Oiran, or high-class geisha, offered a unique style of hospitality which incorporated wit, wisdom, culture, beauty, and supreme elegance, and were even rumored to have influence over major political and diplomatic figures of the past. They were trendsetters in the world of fashion, and were often played by top-tier actresses in theaters.

In the contemporary world, shibuya Oiran offers an oasis of human hospitality. We believe the bar is a living organism -- constantly changing and being shaped by our customers and staff. A space without flexibility and playfulness is a space that is drab and boring. Things that can be resolved with money can only be bought with money. We seek to offer our customers something priceless, and full of surprises.

We keep this in mind each day, and the culmination of such beliefs and practices make up shibuya Oiran.

Dogenzaka teems with theaters, clubs, live houses, movie theaters, galleries, and shops. Young and veteran artists offer a galaxy of entertainment options -- it is a city of Art, Culture, and Love! DGZP LLC, or "Dogenzaka Project," strives to be a beacon of hope for subcultures and artists in this area, and provide support to expand beyond Dogenzaka to Tokyo > Japan > Asia > and the World...!

shibuya Oiran fuses culture with dining in a unique space, and is a supporter for the new arts and subcultures arising from Dogenzaka. We hope you will join us for a drink!


Concept Producer Kawamura Yuki

Yuki Kawamura is a well-known Japanese DJ & producer. Through her music brand “Oiran Music” she is involved in music & art creation, event & festival booking, conceptual work – all the while running the popular “warm-up” bar Shibuya Oiran.

Recently Yuki produced 3 songs for a soundtrack of "Cyberpunk 2077" (popular RPG from Poland) and the songs joined a compilation album of the soundtrack. You can see the name "Namakopuri & Us Cracks" from the link below and that's the artist she produced.

official website:https://fkg.amebaownd.com/